Registration Guidelines

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Registration Process

* The option for the “AASPN Membership” on-line application will be provided for the Non-Member participants.

Payment Method

Payment of registration fees should be made using one of the following methods. You can choose one of the options during the on-line registration process.

Option 1: Credit Card
  • Payment by credit card is available only through the on-line registration.
  • The following credit cards will be accepted: VISA, MasterCard and JCB.
  • All service charges of credit cards are to be paid by the registrants.
  • The actual debit amount is subject to change according to the exchange rate.
  • The merchant name on your credit card statement will be 'Paygate.'

Option 2: Wire Transfer
  • All bank remittance charges are to be paid by the registrants.
  • The sender's name should be the registrant's name. If the registrant’s name and the sender’s name are not identical, please send a copy of the wire transfer slip to the Central Office marked with the registrant’s name that appears on the wire transfer slip.
  • Please ensure that the registrant's name is on the bank remittance receipt.
  • Appropriate payment should be completed within the right period of registration. If you pay after the registration period, you will be required to pay the additional fee by wire transfer.
  • Bank Information:
Category For International Transaction For Korean (국내 송금용)
Bank Name SHINHAN Bank 신한은행
Branch Name Seoul Nat’l University Hospital 서울대학교병원 함춘회관(출)
Telephone Number +82-1577-8380
(+82-2-3449-8380 from Overseas)
Beneficiary Asian-Australasian Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (AASPN) 아시아-대양주 소아신경외과학회
Account Number 180-008-345735 100-032-927859

Invoice & Receipt

  • The course invoice will be issued on your request.
  • Please send your request by e-mail to centraloffice@aaspn.org.
  • Invoice will be issued within two weeks after your request.

  • Receipts can be issued and printed at the ‘My Page’ after you complete the proper payment.


The Certificate of Attendance / Presentation / Chairing the session can be issued and printed at the ‘My Page’ 2 weeks after the course.